How do I submit files for printing?

You may email the appropriate department and attach the file. If you have a lot of files or a very large file, you can use our order upload utility, located on the web page .

Why can’t I access all plans in the planroom?

Some owners and contractors put secondary passwords on their projects and access is by invitation only.

How can I find out what products you can order for me?

We have links to catalogs on the webpage. Please call to verify pricing.

How can I find out what projects are currently bidding?

Sign up for our online planroom. There you will find lists, actual projects and legal notices. We also send out notifications when new projects are added.

Why do I need a password to get on the public portal?

Our system is a complete document management system and our clients want to know who is looking at their projects. That is why it is very important that you don’t share your password to give others access. More importantly, if you are following a project you will be added to a plan-holders’ list and will be notified of any addenda or other changes.

I’m just a homeowner with a small remodel. Can I post my job to get bids?

Yes, jobs of all sizes will benefit from using our system. Please contact dfsadmin@nvblue.com or call 775-827-4441 to get started.

I want to enlarge a photo from my phone. How big can I go?

Resolution is everything, and our graphics department can do the math.
E-mail us the photo and we will respond.

Can you do inexpensive banners for parties?

We can produce banners on many materials, including Tyvek and paper.

If I get something laminated, can I write on it and wipe it off?

Your need is exactly why we have a dry erase laminate!